Tiangong 1: Out of control Chinese space station about to fall to Earth, expert says

An out-of-control space laboratory is falling towards the Earth and will crash land soon, experts say.

The Chinese space station is accelerating its fall towards us and will reach the ground in the coming months, Harvard astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell told the Guardian. It is decaying quickly and he expects “expect it will come down a few months from now – late 2017 or early 2018”, he told the paper.

The Tiangong 1 station was launched in 2011 as one of the great hopes of the Chinese ambitions in space, and as part of a plan to show itself off as a global superpower. The country’s space agency referred to the station as the “Heavenly Palace” and conducted a range of missions, some of which included astronauts.

But last year scientists at Chinese’s CNSA space agency said that they had lost control of the lab, and that it would now be heading towards Earth. That put an end to months of speculation, as experts watching the path of the station suggested that it had been behaving strangely.

And it also sparked immediate concerns that people on the ground could be at risk from the falling space debris.

It’s unlikely that anyone will be harmed by the crash, or that anyone would see it at all, since it’s most likely that the lab will drop into the sea. But it’s still possible that it would crash somewhere near people.

It’s very difficult to predict where it will fall because engineers have lost control of the capsule and it will be thrown around by the wind as it comes down. Even a slight push from the weather could send it from one continent to the next.

Much of the debris will burn up on its way into Earth’s atmosphere. But chunks as big as 100kg will make their way through and fall from the skies, said McDowell.

In the past, space junk has fallen within sight of people, and there have even been reports of injuries. 

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125-1 English outsider Matt Wallace leads Italian Open leaderboard at halfway

Mark Wallace is hoping to spin his career year into another title at the Italian Open, with the 125/1 outsider tied for the lead at halfway in Milan. 

The 27-year-old won his first European Tour event, the Open de Portugal, in May which bumped him up from 242 to 127 in the world rankings, and he’s looking to double up after a six-under second round saw him keep the lead he had enjoyed overnight.

Wallace is tied for the -13 lead with Australian Marcus Fraser, while Welshman Jamie Donaldson and the in-form Thai Kiradech Aphibarnrat are two shots back at -11. 

Francesco Molinari, the home favourite, is a further shot behind after slipping back during day two but remains well placed to regain his title.

Wallace, from Hillingdon, turned professional five years ago after attending Jacksonville State University in Florida on a golf scholarship. He was only able to join the Challenge Tour this season after winning six tournaments on the Alps Tour in 2016 and winning the Order of Merit. 

the 27-year-old right-hander currently ranks 46th in the race for a Ryder Cup spot next autumn but a string of tournament victories could make him a dark horse to gatecrash Thomas Bjorn’s team.

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Crowd at anti-LGBTQ summit given pamphlet calling homosexuality a 'health hazard' before Trump's speech

Shortly before Donald Trump took the podium at the annual Values Voter Summit, attendees received a pamphlet calling homosexuality a “public health crisis”.

The pamphlet, distributed by the anti-LGBTQ activist organisation MassResistance, claims the “sexual revolution” and the “mainstreaming of homosexuality” have created a public health crisis in America.

It alleges there is a disproportionate incidence of disease and mental disorders in the LGBTQ community, and claims young people are “increasingly at risk by imitating dangerous ‘gay’ practices.”

Bryan Camenker, the executive director of MassResistance, said the pamphlet was an advertisement for his organization’s 600-page book, The Health Hazards of Homosexuality. The book, he said, is a collection of studies on the “public health issue” of homosexuality.

“Most of the stuff published [on this topic] is very difficult for people to read, so we put it all together,” he told The Independent. “I think the media is doing a disservice by ignoring all this, because it’s stuff we’ve seen going on for years.”

He added: “The media propagates this myth that [homosexuality] is just like everything else, and there’s no health effects.”

MassResistance paid to have their advertisement included in the packet of materials attendees received at the start of the conference. The book, Mr Camenker said, has been a “big hit” at the summit.

He added that he had sent an advance copy of the book to the Family Research Council, which hosts the Values Voter Summit, and that they were fully aware he would be selling it there.

The Family Research Council is a conservative Christian group that campaigns against same-sex marriage, civil unions, and adoption. The organisation has previously claimed that homosexuality is “harmful to the persons who engage in it and to society at large,” and that it is “associated with negative physical and psychological health effects”.

The annual Values Voter Conference draws thousands of people from across the right-wing spectrum. This year’s speakers include Phil Roberston, a professional hunter who has called same-sex marriage “evil” and “wicked,” and Roy Moore, the Alabama Senate candidate who refused to say whether homosexuality should be punished by death.

Mr Trump – the first sitting president ever to attend the conference – was also on the speakers list. In his Friday morning address, Mr Trump assured attendees that he would protect religious organisations and return America to its traditional values.

“How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing back again,” said the President, who had previously promised to fight for the LGBTQ community.

“I pledged that in a Trump administration, our nation’s religious heritage would be cherished, protected and defended like you have never seen before,” Mr Trump told the cheering crowd. “Above all else in America, we don’t worship government. We worship God.”

Mr Camenker, who has been critical of Mr Trump in the past, said he loved the speech. The President hadn’t delivered on all of his campaign promises, he admitted, but the speech proved his heart was in the right place.

Plus, he’s much better than the alternative.

“He could break all of his promises, but at least he’s not Hillary,” Mr Camenker said.

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Iran nuclear deal: Trump decertifies Obama-era agreement and accuses Tehran of spreading 'chaos'

Donald Trump has struck a blow against the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement — in defiance of other world powers — by choosing not to certify that Tehran is complying with the deal. 

During a speech at the White House, Mr Trump accused the “fanatical regime” in Tehran of spreading “death, destruction and chaos around the globe” as he again called the nuclear pact “one of the worst” agreements the US has ever entered into.

However, he stopped short of scrapping the agreement altogether, saying he wanted his administration to work with Congress to address the “deal’s many serious flaws”. But if lawmakers fail to address his concerns, Mr Trump has threatened to ultimately terminate the Obama-era accord. 

He said the deal is merely a “temporary delay” on Iran’s “path to nuclear weapons” and said that Iran had committed multiple violations of the deal and was not living up to its spirit. 

“We will not continue down a path whose predictable conclusion is more violence,” Mr Trump said.

Under the 2015 agreement with six nations – including the US, UK and France – Iran agreed to restrict its nuclear programme for at least 10 years in exchange for the loosening of economic sanctions that had crippled its economy.

Mr Trump said the removal of sanctions was giving the Iranian regime an immediate financial boost, increasing its funds to support terrorism. 

By decertifying the agreement, the President has started the clock on a 60-day congressional review of the deal.

The President is urging Congress to toughen requirements for Iran to continue to get relief from US sanctions. He also wants lawmakers to amend legislation to highlight troubling non-nuclear Iranian behaviour not covered by the deal. 

Republican members of Congress were unanimously opposed to the agreement in 2015, but they have wavered since then on whether Mr Trump should enforce it. 

Mr Trump’s more confrontational strategy toward Iran is likely to complicate relations with European allies.

This week, both UK Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron had tried to persuade Mr Trump to re-certify the deal. Ms May has called the agreement “vital”, while Mr Macron has said it is “essential for peace”. 

International inspectors say Iran is in technical compliance with the accord. Meanwhile, Mr Trump says Tehran is in violation of the spirit of the agreement and has done nothing to rein in its ballistic missile programme or its financial and military support for Hezbollah and other extremist groups.

Mr Trump had already certified the agreement twice but was reluctant to do so a third time. 

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One Direction: Teenage girl screams so hard at concert her lungs collapse

A teenage girl who attended a One Direction concert screamed so hard that doctors believher lungs collapsed. 

The 16-year-old was struggling with shortness of breath on the morning after the gig and was taken to a hospital. 

The patient had no cough, sore throat or history of lung conditions and doctors noted “no respiratory distress”.

But they did find one unusual symptom – her skin made a crackling sound when pressure was applied to her neck and chest. 

The symptom, called “subcutaneous crepitus”, was a sign air bubbles had escaped into the tissue right underneath the skin and was popping under the pressure.

An X-ray also confirmed both her lungs had slightly collapsed, and air was trapped between the organs and her chest wall. 

Just one symptom is considered rare, but a “combination of all three diagnoses has yet to be described in medical literature”, the doctors noted in a report, which was published in the Journal of Emergency Medicine. 

The team found nothing abnormal when the patient was put through a CT scan. They guessed that the girl, who had type 1 diabetes, may have torn her respiratory tract due to laboured breathing during a period of low blood sugar. 

But blood tests showed this was not the case. 

The patient was kept at the hospital for observation and given extra oxygen to help the lungs recover, but was soon fine to return home.

Lead doctor Mack Slaughter Jr said he thought it was possible that a tiny hole somewhere in her respiratory tract opens only when enough force is applied, the type of force that could be emitted by screaming at a concert. The hole would then close again.  

Dr Clare Morrison, from MedExpress, told the Huffington Post: “I cannot think of another time when lungs have collapsed due to screaming at a pop concert – but there’s a first time for everything.

“So it’s important not to panic and for parents to get too judicious.”

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Riverdale season 2 episode 1 review: If Twin Peaks was written by teenagers

If there was ever any doubt let it be confirmed now: Riverdale is anything but boring. Dark, extravagant and ever loyal to its fans, season two had its Netflix premiere on Thursday (12 October) and ramped up the stakes with a bloodsoaked new chapter. 

Based on characters from Archie Comics, the TV adaptation of Riverdale appealed to a wide, eclectic demographic with its murder mystery intrigue and soap opera drama upon its debut on the streaming service earlier this year. Teenagers dreaming of Gossip Girl days as well as Stranger Things fans of all ages could find meat to chew on in the town where anything is possible. 

Characters Archie Andrews (KJ Apa), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) all returned as they dealt with the cliffhanger tragedy that closed the first season. After Archie’s dad Fred Andrews (Luke Perry) was dramatically shot by a rogue menace in local diner Pop’s, everyone we love and hate rushes to hospital to see how the drama unfolds.

The first episode ties up a lot of loose ends and does what Riverdale does best: installing mystery, celebrating high-voltage relationships and remaining painfully, theatrically extra. Fan favourites live up to their stereotypes, both in style and in substance: Veronica is making sure she’s “the best girlfriend ever” by widening the gulf with her parents one mimosa at a time and jumping in the shower with Archie – only wholly necessary. 

Betty does her best to care for her friends in their time of need, but is secretly just waiting for the next person to ask whether she and Jughead finally “did it”. Jughead is also having a great time in the season premiere as his arc includes sex, neighbourhood bad guys the Southside Serpents, a cheeseburger and the tasty “the angel of death” investigation to feed his ongoing novel, in the search for the runaway gunman.

But the best part of the episode is that season two now promises a shift in focus back to Archie, the almost too attractive football player who had little to offer past his looks in the first season. Trying to support his dad while holding himself together, his increased vulnerability does wonders for his second season status as hero of the town in season two, where last season he was more of a passenger in the investigation of Jason Blossom’s murder and Riverdale’s other vices. 

Performance wise, KJ Apa hones in on the clumsy likeability he established in the first season, while teasing the potential for a more gripping and weighty narrative past his character’s redhead posterboy good looks.

Riverdale succeeds in its transparent generosity: If Archie says he’ll protect his dad, you can be sure he’ll be sitting on a wooden box by his front door, baseball bat in hand by the end of the episode. Anything that fans could potentially obsess over is cared for and revisited repeatedly – even Jughead’s “I’m a weirdo” beanie follows him all the way to Archie’s hallucination-imagined wedding. 

Once you get used to the fact that characters will explicitly explain all of their emotions after great dramatic pauses (“Guys there’s something I haven’t told you… because I’m so ashamed!”, Archie chokes before revealing what actually happened at the shootout), Riverdale is hugely satisfying – heightened theatrics are the thread that keep this show together. 

Each new ridiculous twist is clear and always entertaining, and the level of darkness and electricity in the town never lessens. It’s Twin Peaks if passionate fan-fiction-writing teenagers reigned in the boardroom. Sealed with blue neon lights and red-lipstick kisses, season two promises the most delectable and dramatic chapter yet. 

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How Norwegian became a major player in European aviation

Considering what rivals are saying about him, Bjorn Kjos is in an excellent mood. The fighter-pilot-turned-aviation-maverick is chief executive of Norwegian Air Shuttle.

When he founded the airline, which trades simply as Norwegian, it would fly you from Bergen to Trondheim. Yet by next spring, a quarter-century on, Norwegian has grown from a tiny regional operation to become Scandinavia’s largest airline, and the third-biggest budget carrier in Europe.

You can still fly from Bergen to Trondheim, probably for a lower fare than in the 1990s. But Mr Kjos invites you to cross the Atlantic with him from Scotland and Northern Ireland to a trio of airports you may not have heard of: Hartford, Stewart and Providence, which together sound like a pensions firm. 

The 71-year-old airline boss also has a rapidly expanding long-haul network from Gatwick, which will shuttle you in a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to New York or Florida, or take you further: from Sussex to Singapore, with Buenos Aires soon to join the network. And a new partnership with easyJet guarantees connections at Gatwick between short- and long-haul flights.

All of this impressed the judges of the CAPA Airline of the Year prize, which is awarded to the carrier that “has had the greatest impact on the development of the airline industry, has established itself as a leader, and provided a benchmark for others to follow”.

The citation says: “Norwegian has blazed a trail that others are now following. The impact on new North Atlantic traffic in what was previously considered a mature market has already been remarkable.

IAG, which is British Airways’ parent company, demonstrated the sincerest form of flattery when it emulated Norwegian’s routes from Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale (just north of Miami) and Oakland (just east of San Francisco). Then IAG set up a low-cost, long-haul subsidiary, Level, to take on Norwegian: from Barcelona to both Oakland and Los Angeles. And for good measure, BA is using Norwegian to benchmark its seat costs on the newly “densified” 777s at Gatwick.

US carriers have been less flattering in their view of Norwegian, accusing it of acting as a “flag of convenience” airline – with unusual labour contracts anchored in South-east Asia, and British and Irish offices that allow it to take advantage of traffic rights that a company from Norway would not normally enjoy.

In contrast, IAG chief executive Willie Walsh says: “We have been very supportive of Norwegian.” But then he says that the airline is growing too fast: “It’s not making the returns to sustain expansion at that rate.”

The CAPA award citation noted: “Sustainable profitability with the rapid growth model is the next challenge.” And on the last day of August, Ryanair’s chief executive, Michael O’Leary, ignored the aviation convention not to discusst rivals’ safety, security or finances, declaring: “Both Monarch and Norwegian are in trouble. It’s an open secret among airlines that Monarch and Norwegian may not survive through the winter. They are burning cash.”

Five weeks later, Monarch went bust.

“You will always see airlines come and go,” says the Norwegian boss. “Mostly you will see them go.” 

But Mr Kjos says he has no intention of following Monarch into oblivion. “We have been profitable in the last 10 years,” he tells me. “We don’t intend to go into the loss area.” 

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Stella McCartney clothes, designer shoes and a silk scarf: The haul of gifts received by Theresa May

Theresa May received a haul of gifts in the period around the general election, including Stella McCartney clothing, designer shoes, and a necklace from the President of Ukraine.

According to the latest data transparency data – showing all gifts received by the Prime Minister for the three months to the end of June – Ms May decided to purchase a pair of shoes from Ms Charlotte Olympia, totalling £495. 

The Prime Minister also purchased a silk scarf – valued at £145,000 – given to her from the Queen of Jordan, a £160 necklace from the President of Ukraine, and a £175 fountain pen from the Onoto Pen Company eight days after Ms May lost her election gamble. 

Under Whitehall rules, the Prime Minister paid with her own money to keep the items as Ministerial code dictates that gifts received by ministers in their official capacity worth more than £140 become the property of Government unless they chose to pay the value of the item. 

The new data shows that Ms May decided not to keep three pairs of shoes given by Hotter Shoes, a leather handbag and gloves from Petard, and silk scarves from Halcyon Days, which were retained by the Cabinet Office.

Before the general election the Prime Minister’s haul included a clock and a medal from the Saudi King and a fountain pen from the King of Jordan. But again Ms May decided not to purchase the items and they became Government property.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson also received a Moser crystal glass bowl from the Czech President Miloš Zeman, which is currently being held by the Foreign Office.

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Brexit: Philip Hammond calls EU 'the enemy' in extraordinary outburst

Philip Hammond has expressed regret for referring to the EU as “the enemy” in Brexit negotiations, in an extraordinary outburst likely to cause major divisions with European leaders.

The Chancellor issued a prompt tweet apologising for a “poor choice of words” in an interview where he urged his Tory colleagues to stop squabbling amongst themselves, and to unite against the EU to secure the best withdrawal deal for Britain.

After coming under fire for supposedly holding up the EU divorce talks, Mr Hammond insisted he was “all signed up” to Brexit and dismissed “bizarre” and “absurd” accusations from eurosceptics that he was talking down Britain’s economy.

Speaking as he attended meetings in Washington, he told Sky News: “My message is this: I understand that passions are high and I understand that people have very strong views about this, but we’re all going to the same place.

“We all have the same agenda, we all signed up to the Prime Minister’s Lancaster House speech, we’re all signed up to the Article 50 letter, we’re all behind the speech that she made in Florence.

“The enemy, the opponents are out there, they’re on the other side of the negotiating table. Those are the people we have to negotiate with, negotiate hard to get the very best deal for Britain.”

However, shortly afterwards he made a rapid U-turn, posting on Twitter: “In an interview today, I was making the point that we are united at home. I regret I used a poor choice of words.

“We will work with our friends and partners in the EU on a mutually beneficial Brexit deal #noenemieshere.”

Mr Hammond has become the focal point of ire for pro-Brexit Tories over his reluctance to spend millions of pounds preparing for the event that Britain walks away with no deal from the EU.

Downing Street dismissed reports of rift between Theresa May and the Chancellor, saying the Prime Minister had “full confidence” in Mr Hammond – despite calls from senior Tories for him to be sacked.

In a Westminster briefing, Ms May’s spokeswoman said the two had a “very good working relationship”. Asked if the Prime Minister has full confidence in Mr Hammond, the spokeswoman replied: “Yes.”

It comes after former Conservative Chancellor Lord Lawson said his behaviour was “very close to sabotage” over Brexit and branded his lack of preparation for no deal as “grossly irresponsible”.

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Movement Torino 2017: A merger of techno and art in northern italy's cultural centre

One of October’s finest festivals – Movement Torino – is set to kick off on the October 28. 

Movement Detroit’s Italian sister will be presenting the twelfth edition as part of HALLOWEEK, with interactive art and music performances taking place all over the northern Italian city.  

The Lingotto Fiere will host two huge shows on the 28th and the 31st of August.

The impressive lineup boasts some of the biggest names in European techno: Paris record label Apollonia, SBTRKT, Marcel Fengler, Sven Vath, Modeselektor and the Naples-born Davide Squillace.

Legendary Detriot exports Octave One will be playing live set alongside an Canadian’s improv act Cobblestone Jazz.

Berlin’s dub-techno extraordinaire Rødhåd will be hosting the Superga Birthday Club Episode at Big Club on Sunday 29, while Amsterdam’s San Proper will be headlining the Monday Club Episode at Milk. 

Movement Culture will also include various workshops in digital creativity hosted by the Cinema and Communication Engineering department at the Politechno di Torino.

You can check the full festival programme here


Remaining Late Promo tickets are available both on the Movement Torino website, with combo tickets for the 28th-31st performances at the Lingotto available for €56,50 (£50). Tickets for individual events are also available. 

For ticket plus hotel offers head to www.movement.it/hotelticket

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