Harvard graduate quits job to travel world – and is now one of Facebook's most successful creators

Nuseir Yassin didn’t intend to become one of Facebook’s most successful vloggers.

Growing up in Arraba, a small agricultural city in northern Israel, Yassin, an Israeli-Palestinian, came from a modest middle-class family.

Yassin is the middle child of four; his mother, a teacher, and his father, a psychologist, valued education and hard work. In many of his videos, Yassin confesses he was shy and socially awkward as a kid.

The first glimpse of his future as a global citizen came at age 19. Limited by his prospects in Israel, he set his sights on Ivy League colleges in the US.

Yassin says he was “hungry” for an education at a prestigious university. He applied to Harvard to major in aerospace engineering, and once accepted he was offered a scholarship to offset the cost.

He graduated with a degree in Economics and moved to New York City to work his way through the ranks in the tech industry. He began coding for the PayPal-owned money-transfer app, Venmo, where he says his salary was well above $100,000 (£75,000) per year.

By modern standards, in terms of education, career and income, Yassin had made it.

But he was tired of the routine, and felt he was wasting time at his very cushy desk job; time he felt could be better spent travelling the world.

“My job was overpaid. It wasn’t satisfying enough,” he told Business Insider.

So Yassin spent a year and a half saving up $60,000. In 2016, he quit his job, bought a camera, a plane ticket, and committed himself to travelling the world full-time.

Yassin adopted the moniker “Nas”- Arabic for “people” – and setup a Facebook page called Nas Daily, where he committed to documenting every day of his travels. He pledged to make a single video every day for 1,000 days; As of this writing, he’s more than three-quarters of the way to his goal.

“I don’t usually take risks,” he told me, as we sat at a rooftop bar in Australia, now his 65th travel destination, “But I decided to make use of every single day, I didn’t want to waste a single minute,” he said.

His first destination, Kenya, proved to be a fruitful one. A Russia-owned media company operating out of Nairobi saw one of his early videos and offered to pay him to create content for their Facebook pages. The company paid him $3,000 a month for his services, which Nas says allowed him to continue travelling comfortably and granted him the exposure he needed to build an audience.

“I make videos about people’s stories in a way that is human,” Nas said of his filming style. He decided to document his days through the lens of one-minute video clips.

“We live very busy lives. But everyone has a spare minute,” he explained.

Slowly, his audience grew. His videos document was he calls “real life,” and they resonate with millions of viewers around the world. As of this writing, he has over 6.3 million Facebook followers, and growing.

“My success came from the fact that I’m not a typical blogger,” he said, explaining that his ethnicity and the one-minute format of his videos set him apart from other predominantly white vloggers who have found success on video-hosting sites, like YouTube.

He added that he purposely sets his sights on less-popular tourist destinations, like Rwanda, Tanzania, and Malta, to give his audience a broader world view.

“There is a lot of the world that is undiscovered. I went to the places that most other bloggers don’t go to,” he said.

Nas has created a business off of his personal mantra of self-fulfilment. He sells themed T-shirts that spell out what percentage of your life is already over. Nas consults for businesses and people looking to produce multimedia content. He earns revenue from Facebook ads embedded in his videos. He puts his total net-worth at roughly $250,000, which he says is far less than what other travel vloggers earn.

Still, he understands he can’t travel forever, and his plans extend beyond day 1,000.

“I have this fear that if I die today, tomorrow I am nothing. If my work consists of making one-minute videos, the minute I die, my project dies with me. I wanted to start a business that has employees that will outlive my daily grind, he said.”

​Nas plans to employ a collective of content producers to target several specific audiences, and hopes to pass along his expertise and own a partial stake in their productions.

He says he’d be interested in writing a book and creating a television series. He’s even considering a foray into local politics.

“I personally am sick of old white men running people’s lives,” he said.

He offers a word of advice to young entrepreneurs, or people tired of living the 9-to-5 life: “The cheesy answer is ‘work hard, don’t quit.” he said. “Travelling can get lonely, and you will have no base and no friends. You really need to get into the mentality of really enjoying every new experience, and that’s real success.”

He says he is privileged to have started his journey with a substantial nest egg that allowed him to travel without worry.

“I would have never quit my job without having stability. I trusted myself to get a better job in a year or less, so I could focus on what I do best.”

Still, he says taking risks was his biggest motivation.

“When you land in a new country, make videos. Everyday I found myself with a summary of the day of things that I’ve never done before,” Nas said.

“I don’t do this for money, and I am lucky to be doing something I enjoy and making money from it.”

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Poland asks Trump to establish military base on Russian border to deter Moscow

Poland has asked Donald Trump to set up a permanent military base in the country to shore up its defences against Russia – a step that would anger Moscow if it went ahead.

The Polish government has offered to pay $2bn (£1.5bn) to establish the joint armoured division, which would have 15,000 US troops and 250 tanks and armoured vehicles.

A written proposal from the Polish defence ministry that was sent to Washington focuses on the words of President Trump, who last year warned in Warsaw of “dire threats to our security and to our way of life”. Mr Trump added: “We will confront them … we will win.”

The Polish paper states: “A permanent presence of a US armoured division in Poland will help achieve that goal.

“Establishing such a force is necessary to present an unequivocal challenge and deterrence to Russia’s increasingly emboldened and dangerous posture that threatens Europe.”

Moscow would consider the establishment of such a force in Poland a breach of the 1997 Nato Russia Founding Act, through which Nato agreed not to deploy permanent forces in eastern Europe.

Discussions between the Polish defence ministry and the Pentagon have already begun. Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, revealed he had recently held talks in Washington about having US troops in the country.

And the US Senate Armed Services Committee has already asked James Mattis, the defence secretary, to assess the cost of permanently stationing American troops there.

Coming just over a month before Nato leaders gather in Brussels for a summit, the proposal warns of Moscow’s expansion ambitions. “Russia’s strategy under President Putin is to openly disrupt and change the European security structure and decrease the level of US leadership and involvement throughout the continent to weaken the transatlantic alliance,” it says.

“Permanent US troops in Poland will send a clear message to Russia of US support for its eastern European allies.”

The documents, obtained by Polish news site Onet, reportedly contain information on possible deployment of military facilities and hospitals as well as schools and gyms for staff and their families.

In a sign of growing discord within the Polish government, the defence ministry confirmed that the proposal was sent to Washington without the knowledge of the president, Andrzej Duda, according to some reports.

Mr Trump said last year: “A strong Poland is a blessing to the nations of Europe, and they know that.  A strong Europe is a blessing to the West and to the world. One hundred years after the entry of American forces into World War One, the transatlantic bond between the United States and Europe is as strong as ever and maybe, in many ways, even stronger.”

Poland currently hosts US armed forces as part of Nato units that are stationed there on a rotational basis, moving between that country and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Since joining Nato in 1999, Warsaw has wanted to build closer security relations with the US.

Polish officials believe the plan for a US military base has become more urgent following Russia’s annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea region in 2014, and rising aggression towards Nato.

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John McCain explains how to get a bill passed, and it's excellent advice on persistence in any job

In his new memoir, Arizona senator and former Republican presidential nominee John McCain explains the process for how to get a bill passed in Congress — and it all comes down to persistence.

In the book co-authored with Mark Salter titled “The Restless Wave: Good Times, Just Causes, Great Fights, and Other Appreciations”, Mr McCain detailed the process for how he was able to get campaign finance reform passed in Congress and signed into law.

The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act, more commonly known as the McCain-Feingold Act, passed in March 2002.

But according to Mr McCain, passing campaign finance reform and other pieces of legislation in Congress requires persistence.

“Don’t give up, be persistent,” Mr McCain said. “If you can’t get it done in this Congress, try again in the next.”

Mr McCain continued by saying that politicians must be aware of changes in the political environment in order to know when to strike when the iron is hot. He also advocated for the importance of compromise when looking to pass legislation.

“Make necessary compromises to build a bipartisan coalition in favour of [the bill],” Mr McCain said. “Use your friendships to recruit as many influential members to your side as you can.”

He also recommended listening to allies on both sides of the aisle, as it will be these people who will alert you to potential roadblocks to proposed legislation and tell you who does and does not want to work with you. Mr McCain also said that it is important to delegate responsibilities to supporters in helping get the bill passed.

Lastly, Mr McCain says media attention is crucial to getting legislation passed and pressuring lawmakers to support the bill.

“Box in the cynics with public and media attention, make sure the more transactional politicians know there’s a cost to opposing the bill,” Mr McCain wrote.

“A lot of momentum for an issue is illusory and based on excessive faith in the media’s sustained attention to it and potency of its public support. Get it done before your opponents figure that’s not the case. And get a little lucky.”

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Arizona Cardinals complete draft class, sign C Mason Cole

The Arizona Cardinals signed offensive lineman Mason Cole to a four-year contract, the team announced Thursday.

Cole, a third-round selection out of Michigan, was the final member of Arizona’s six-member draft class to reach contract terms.

“Obviously, it’s really exciting,” Cole said, per the team’s official website. “Once you get drafted, you’re waiting for this point to officially sign. Really grateful for the opportunity, and just excited.”

Cole set a school record for an offensive lineman at Michigan by making 51 consecutive starts. He was the first true freshman in school history to start on the offensive line in a season opener.

The 6-foot-5, 307-pound Cole played three seasons at left tackle for the Wolverines, earning All-Big Ten honors as a senior. He also was a second-team all-conference pick after starting 13 games at center in 2016.

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UPI Horse Racing Weekend Preview: Saxon Warrior favorited in Investec Derby

It’s Derby weekend on Epsom Downs and a week out from the finale of the U.S. Triple Crown — a weekend of Thoroughbred racing to relish.

Saxon Warrior, a Japanese-bred colt trained by Irish master Aidan O’Brien, is the heavy favorite to land the Investec Derby spoils Saturday despite drawing the inside gate in a field of 12 in Thursday’s ceremony.

Belmont Park, meanwhile, awaits the arrival of Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner Justify for the June 9 Belmont Stakes. While O’Brien seeks his seventh Derby victory, Justify’s trainer, Bob Baffert, seeks his second Triple Crown.

There’s much more to the weekend, including the Prix du Jockey Club (French Derby), the Yasuda Kinen in Japan and some last-minute positioning for the rapidly approaching Royal meeting at Ascot.

In North America, a full slate of racing includes a talent-packed Grade I Beholder Mile at Santa Anita and the $500,000 Penn Mile. Pink Lloyd shoots for his 11th straight stakes win Sunday at Woodbine.

Let’s go racing, shall we?

The Derby

Saxon Warrior remains the nearly odds-on favorite for Saturday’s Investec Derby despite drawing stall No. 1, which has not been productive of winners, and despite the likelihood of turf on the soft side of good.

The Deep Impact colt will be reunited with jockey Ryan Moore, who was aboard for his victory in the Group 1 Racing Post Trophy in his 2-year-old finale in October. Saxon Warrior returned to battle in the Group 1 Qipco 2000 Guineas at Newmarket May 5, ridden by Donnacha O’Brien.

Since Epsom inaugurated the use of starting stalls in 1967, only three horses have won the Derby from the inside gate — Blakeney in 1969, Roberto in 1972 and Oath in 1999. But as the old racing maxim has it: A good horse trumps a bad draw.

Ed Nicholson, spokesman for the official Derby wagering sponsor, Unibet, said after the draw his firm upped the odds on Saxon Warrior to 11-10, “the first time he’s been odds-against since winning the 2000 Guineas. We should temper that by saying that there are only 12 runners, so it might not be the biggest hindrance.”

Saxon Warrior is one of five in the Classic for O’Brien, also including Delano Roosevelt, The Pentagon, Kew Gardens and Zabriskie.

Second-favorite with Unibet and others is Roaring Lion, winner of the Grade II Dante Stakes at York and one of two trained by John Gosden. Gosden’s other chance, Sevenna Star, is a far longer risk.

Godolphin, which has yet to win either the Epsom Classic or its colonial clone in Kentucky, fields Masar, winner of the Craven stakes but third in the 2000 Guineas.

Also set to line up for the Derby is Hazapour, a close relative in the Aga Khan’s breeding line to 2016 winner Harzand. Hazapour won the Group 3 Derrinstown Stud Derby Trial at Leopardstown and is not to be dismissed lightly with Frankie Dettori set to ride. Young Rascal and Dee Ex Bee, first and second in the Group 3 Chester Vase, also represent solid chances to contend. Knight to Behold won the Betfred Derby Trial at Lingfield.

The Oaks

With Aidan O’Brien’s scratch of Magical, the favorite’s role in Friday’s Group 1 Investec Oaks falls to Wild Illusion, a Dubawi filly trained by Charlie Appleby for Godolphin. Magical sustained what O’Brien termed “a knock” on a joint while training Tuesday and, while the injury did not seem serious, the yard was not prepared to take a chance. Anyway, O’Brien still has five of the nine left in the field for the 1 1/2-miles test on the Epsom Downs.

Wild Illusion earned her spot in the top ranks winning the Group 1 Total Prix Marcel Boussac at Chantilly in her final start as a 2-year-old. Into the bargain, that race was contested over soft turf — a condition expected at Epsom this weekend. She returned with a fourth in the Qipco 1000 Guineas.

O’Brien’s remaining squad is led by Magic Wand and Forever Together, the 1-2 finishers from the Cheshire Oaks at Chester May 9. Ryan Moore opts to ride Magic Wand, as he did at Chester, while O’Brien’s son Donnacha keeps the mount on Forever Together.

Bye Bye Baby, I Can Fly and Flattering round out the Ballydoyle contingent. All are by Galileo bar I Can Fly, a daughter of Fastnet Rock. Flattering, available in antepost wagering at close on 30-1, will be ridden by Padraig Beggy, last year’s 40-1 winner of the Investec Derby.

More international action after:

The U.S. Triple Crown

“I wish the race was this week,” trainer Bob Baffert said about the June 9 Belmont Stakes after Justify worked a half mile in 46 4/5 seconds Tuesday morning at Churchill Downs.

Baffert is keeping Justify happy in Louisville pending a trip to New York for Belmont — the final jewel of the Triple Crown.

The silver-haired trainer said he visited his 2015 Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, Monday at Coolmore’s Versailles, Ky., stud. “He got really big and I was really emotional when I was there,” Baffert said. “I asked him if it was okay if another horse broke his record and he didn’t seem to have a problem with it.”

Meanwhile, trainer D. Wayne Lukas said Tuesday he’s pleased with the progress of Bravazo, whose stretch rally came 1/2 length short of ending Justify’s Triple Crown hopes in the Preakness Stakes. “He’s a much better horse than I took to the Preakness,” Lukas said. “I know that. He’ll have to be.”


Wow. Saturday’s $400,000 Grade I Beholder Mile at Santa Anita sure got some good ones. Unique Bella caught an off track in her last start in Arkansas, finishing second in the Grade I Apple Blossom but, before that, she won seven of eight. Vale Dori was second, just a neck back of Stellar Wind, in last year’s Beholder Mile but less than impressive in her only previous start this year. Last year’s Santa Anita Oaks winner, Paradise Woods, is in here. Mopotism has had her moments and La Force and Munny Spunt round out the six-horse field.


All eyes will be on Pink Lloyd in Sunday’s $125,000 (Canadian) Achievement Stakes at Woodbine. Owned by Entourage Stable and campaigned by Hall of Fame trainer Robert Tiller, the 6-year-old sprint champion will pursue his 11th straight victory and millionaire status. There are only four rivals in the 6-furlongs dash, restricted to Ontario-breds.

Wilbo heads a field of seven for Saturday night’s $100,000 Grade III Aristides Stakes in the “Downs After Dark” program at Churchill Downs. Wilbo, runner up to Limousine Liberal in last year’s Aristides, exits a second behind Whitmore in the $400,000 Grade III Count Fleet Sprint Handicap at Oaklawn Park. There are no Limousine Liberals or Whitmores in this race and the opposition might be led by recent Churchill Downs allowance winner Mr. Crow.

Turf Mile

Sunday’s Grade I Yasuda Kinen at Tokyo Racecourse is a “Win and You’re In” for the Breeders’ Cup Mile. See below.

Maraud, victorious in the Grade II American Turf at Churchill Downs in his last start, is the morning-line pick for Saturday’s $500,000 Grade II Penn Mile for 3-year-olds at Penn National. The Todd Pletcher-trained Blame colt has four wins from seven starts but faces some tough ones. Therapist has won four of his five starts but did finish third behind Maraud in the Grade III Palm Beach at Gulfstream Park. He’s Bankable has speed and comes off two wins in a row. Encumbered was overmatched in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf but has been rested since and could be dangerous fresh.

Seven, including an entry, are set for Saturday’s $200,000 Penn Oaks at Penn National. The entry, Thewayiam and Classy Dancer, is the morning-line favorite, closely followed by Treasuring and Goodthingstaketime. Thewayiam, a French-bred filly by Thewayyouare, won a pair of Grade III events at Gulfstream Park and finished second in the Grade II Appalachian at Keeneland in her last start. Treasuring exits a victory in the Grade III Senorita at Santa Anita. Goodthingstaketime was second in the Florida Oaks and third in the Appalachian.


Analyze It is the 4-5 morning-line favorite among eight entered for Saturday’s $200,000 Grade III Pennine Ridge for 3-year-olds at Belmont Park. The Point of Entry colt is undefeated in three starts for trainer Chad Brown. He won at first asking at Belmont Park last October, shipped west to win the Grade III Cecil B. DeMille at Del Mar the following month and returned to win the Grade III Transylvania at Keeneland in his 3-year-old debut.

The ante goes up here as Analyze It faces Untamed Domain, who finished second to Mendelssohn, beaten just 1 length, in the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Turf, and Catholic Boy, who was fourth in that Breeders’ Cup shootout before being detoured to the Triple Crown trail. Oh … Up the Ante also is in this field.

Turf Sprint

Saturday’s $200,000 Pennsylvania Governor’s Cup at 5 furlongs on the greensward lured a full field of 12 plus one also-eligible. The 2-1 morning-line favorite, Pure Sensation, has been fighting these wars for years with notable success including graded stakes victories at several tracks. The 7-year-old Zensational gelding also has contested the last three Breeders’ Cup Turf Sprints, finishing third in 2016.

Tower of Texas defends his title against seven rivals in Saturday’s $175,000 (Canadian) Grade II Connaught Cup at Woodbine. Tower of Texas finished eighth in the Grade I Maker’s 46 Mile at Keeneland in his last start. But jockey Eurico Da Silva said he’s locked and loaded now that he’s back north of the border. “This horse is going to run big because he’s feeling good. I’ve worked him the last three times and I could not be more happy,” Da Silva said. He’s not the morning-line favorite, though, outranked on that list by Conquest Panthera and Forge. Should be a good race.

Saturday’s $100,000 Penn Ladies Dash got a field of 12, headed by Morticia and Just Talkin. Morticia, a 4-year-old Twirling Candy filly, has been in the top three finishers in 11 straight races. Just Talkin, a 5-year-old Midshipman mare, comes north after a successful season in Florida.

Don’t overlook Saturday night’s $75,000 Mighty Beau Stakes at Churchill Downs, if only to see Hogy do his stuff at 5 furlongs on the green course. The 9-year-old, making his 52nd start in the Mighty Beau, started his season with a win at Sam Houston Jan. 28 and then won the Grade III Canadian Turf at Gulfstream Park by 3 3/4 lengths March 3. He tired while trying to stretch out at Keeneland in the Grade I Makers 46 Mile and should enjoy the shorter trip.

Around the world, around the clock:


Saxon Warrior will be a short price indeed for the Derby but not, by a long way, the shortest price of the weekend at Epsom. That honor goes to Cracksman, the early 1-3 chance in Friday’s Group 1 Investec Coronation Cup — despite facing some serious competition in the form of Hawkbill and Idaho.

Cracksman deserves the respect. The 4-year-old Frankel colt wound up 2017 with consecutive victories in the Group 2 Great Voltigeur Stakes at York, the Group 2 Prix Niel at Chantilly and the Group 1 British Champion Stakes — all by huge margins. He easily won his seasonal debut April 29 at Longchamp and replaces his injured stablemate, Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe winner Enable, in the Coronation Cup lineup for trainer John Gosden. Enable is out until at least late summer.

Hawkbill, a 5-year-old son of Kitten’s Joy, toted the Godolphin blue silks to victory in the Group 2 Dubai City of Gold March 10 and followed that with an easy win in the Group 1 Dubai Sheema Classic on World Cup night. Idaho, bearing the Coolmore purple and white stripes, finished eighth in the Sheema Classic — his first start since a good fifth in the Grade I Japan Cup last November.

Hawkbill and Idaho finished third and sixth in last year’s Coronation Cup, won by Highland Reel. Idaho is Highland Reel’s full brother.


Top European 3-year-olds not at Epsom on Saturday can be found in Sunday’s Group 1 Prix du Jockey Club (French Derby) at Chantilly. Olmedo, a Declaration of War colt trained by Jean-Claude Rouget, comes off a win in the Group 1 Poule d’Essai des Poulains (French 2000 Guineas). He again faces Hey Gaman and Dice Roll, second and third in that heat.

Aidan O’Brien sends Rostropovich, Hunting Horn, Kenya and Flag of Honour with Ryan Moore set to ride Rostropovich.

Study of Man, a Group 2 winner in his last outing, is by Japanese sire Deep Impact, who produced last Sunday’s Japanese Derby winner, Wagnerian, and Saturday’s Investec Derby favorite Saxon Warrior.


Japan’s top milers, a Hong Kong invader and last year’s Japanese Derby runner-up all are set for Sunday’s Grade I Yasuda Kinen at Tokyo Racecourse — one of the key races in determining a championship in this division and a “Win and You’re In” for the Breeders’ Cup Mile in November at Churchill Downs.

The likes of Persian Knight, Red Falx, Aerolithe and Sungrazer have been battling for dominance in Japan’s top mile races. Their lack of consistency leaves the field open for Suave Richard, runner-up in last year’s Japanese Derby, who makes his first try at the mile distance and may go favorite at race time.

Also in the mix is Real Steel, who dead-heated for third in the Group 1 Dubai Turf in his last start. Hong Kong, which has a less-than-stellar record in this race despite fielding 37 previous runners, is represented by Western Express. The John Size trainee finished second to Beauty Generation in both the Group 1 Champions Mile April 29 and the Group 1 Longines Hong Kong Mile last December.

South Africa

Trainer Justin Snaith has favorites for both Grade I events Saturday, at Greyville, the Daily News 2000 for 3-year-olds and the Woolavington 2000.

Snaith is confident his Group 1 Sun Met winner, Oh Susanna, is fit and ready for theWoolavington 2000. The Street Cry filly is the heavy favorite despite drawing gate No. 9 in a field of 10. Still, Snaith told local media during the week he is uncertain about Oh Susanna’s chances for the Group 1 Durban July, commenting, “I’m not certain she’ll run in the July to be honest. It’s 50-50 at the moment. We’ll have to wait and see.”

Do It Again comes to the Daily News 2000 off a victory in the Grade II Daisy Guineas, where overcame a bad draw and worse start. The Twice Over gelding came second in the Grade I Cape Derby, behind Eyes Wide Open.

The Snaith barn also has Made to Conquer in Saturday’s 2,400-meters Grade III Lonsdale Stirrup Cup and stands ready to supplement that one to the July if he runs well.

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St. Paul, Minneapolis archdiocese settles with clergy abuse victims for $210M

May 31 (UPI) — The Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis on Thursday settled hundreds of clergy sex abuse cases for $210 million, lawyers representing the victims announced.

The payment agreement comes after a protracted court battle in which the archdiocese sought bankruptcy protection over the rising costs of the cases. Some 450 victims were expected to split the settlement amount, though not equally.

Under the agreement, the archdiocese will pay $40 million and the rest of the settlement total will be paid by church insurers, St. Paul attorney Jeff Anderson said in a news conference. A creditors panel will divvy up the money, including lawyers’ fees.

Thursday was decades in the making, with some of the cases dating back to the 1960s. Survivors accused the archdiocese of failing to protect them and covering up the years of abuse at the hands of at least 91 clergy members.

It is “a story of trauma and triumph and the pursuit of truth and accountability,” Anderson said.

Fifteen archdioceses in the United States have filed bankruptcy amid similar allegations of sexual abuse and subsequent settlements. Four of Minnesota’s six dioceses have filed Chapter 11.

منبع مطلب : https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/05/31/St-Paul-Minneapolis-archdiocese-settles-with-clergy-abuse-victims-for-210M/7571527805787/

Marijuana, opioids found in 58 percent of dead drug-impaired drivers

May 31 (UPI) — Nearly 60 percent of fatally-injured drivers with known results tested positive for marijuana, opioids or a combination of both in 2016, the Governors Highway Safety Association said Thursday.

The GHSA, a non-profit organization representing state highway safety offices, released a report said the use of drugs, particularly marijuana and opioids, affects driving and can cause crashes.

“Too many people operate under the false belief that marijuana or opioids don’t impair their ability to drive, or even that these drugs make them safer drivers,” GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins said. “Busting this myth requires states to expand their impaired driving campaigns to include marijuana and opioids along with alcohol to show drivers that impairment is impairment, regardless of substance.”

The the report, titled “Drug-Impaired Driving: Marijuana and Opioids Raise Critical Issues for States,” said the number of deceased drivers who tested positive for drugs rose to 44 percent in 2016, up 28 percent from a decade prior.

Of those drivers, 38 percent tested positive for some form of marijuana, 16 percent tested positive for opioids, and 4 percent tested positive for both marijuana and opioids.

Fifty-one percent of drug-positive, fatally injured drivers tested positive for two or more drugs and 49 percent of drivers killed in crashes who tested positive for alcohol in 2016 also tested positive for drugs.

“Alcohol-impaired driving and drug-impaired driving can no longer be treated as separate issues,” Responsibility.org President and CEO Ralph Blackman said. “Drunk driving, which was involved in 28 percent of 2016 traffic fatalities, remains a critical issue; however, to curb impaired driving, we have to think about the combination of substances drivers are often putting into their systems at the same time.”

The report’s author, Dr. Jim Hedlund, said there are unique obstacles to deterring drug-impaired driving, including a lack of a nationally accepted method for testing drivers’ drug impairment.

“It’s impossible to understand the full scope of the drugged driving problem because many drivers who are arrested or involved in crashes, even those who are killed, are not tested for drugs,” Hedlund said. “Drivers who are drug-positive may not necessarily be impaired.”

The report suggested taking actions such as developing new impairment assessment tools, training law enforcement to identify and prosecute drug-impaired driving and using public awareness campaigns as well as partnering with public health, pharmaceutical and marijuana industries to educate people about the dangers of drug-impaired driving.

منبع مطلب : https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2018/05/31/Marijuana-opioids-found-in-58-percent-of-dead-drug-impaired-drivers/2771527804550/

Populist government to be sworn in as Italy’s political deadlock ends

A populist government will be sworn into power in Italy on Friday after president Sergio Mattarella agreed to a revised slate of ministers – just days after a bitter row over the incoming leaders’ stance on the euro ended their initial bid to assume power.

A joint statement by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and the far-right League announced that political newcomer Giuseppe Conte, who had been seen as a controversial choice, would serve as prime minister. The relatively unknown law professor met Mattarella late on Thursday night to put forward a list of ministers, which the president has accepted.

“All the conditions have been fulfilled for a political, Five Star and League government,” said Luigi Di Maio, the Five Star chief, and Matteo Salvini, the League leader, in a joint statement after a day of talks in Rome.

The deal will bring at least temporary calm to a political crisis that has embroiled Italy for weeks. The tumult raised questions – in Brussels and among investors around the world – about whether the rise in Italian populism and the collapse of traditional parties posed a fundamental threat to the country’s future in the eurozone.

The formation of the new government will at least temporarily allay those concerns, because it will remove for now the threat that snap elections will be called later this summer, a prospect which worried investors because it could have bolstered support for anti-EU parties.

The populist leaders stepped back from their insistence that Paolo Savona, an 81-year-old Eurosceptic, should serve as finance minister. The choice had been vetoed by Mattarella, prompting the M5S and the League to call off their deal. Savona will now serve as EU minister instead.

But there are still many unknowns about how the new administration – an uneasy alliance between two former political opponents, both jockeying for power – will govern Italy.

Salvini, the bombastic and xenophobic leader of the League , who rose in recent years on the back of incendiary and racist statements about migrants and Roma, will take on the role of interior minister. Salvini has campaigned on the promise of mass deportations of migrants and said a new government would build detention centres around Italy. He is also a fierce critic of Brussels and has called for closer ties to Russia.

Di Maio will take on a powerful new post that will combine labour and industry portfolios in a move that could mark big changes to labour and environmental policies, given the M5S’s stated opposition to big industry.

Giovanni Tria, a little known economics professor, was named to lead the finance ministry. While Tria has been critical of the EU, he is not been seen as an advocate for an exit from the eurozone.

The new deal was blessed by Mattarella, who earlier this week nominated a technocrat, Carlo Cottarelli, to serve as prime minister. Those plans were put on hold after Mattarella opted to give the populists more time to reach a new agreement.

The new government is expected to take a far more antagonistic stance against Brussels than the previous government, headed by the centre-left Democratic party. But the alliance between the M5S and the League will have only a relatively narrow majority in the Italian senate, easing concerns among investors and officials in Brussels over the new government’s decision-making.

While both parties are populist in nature, and have railed against Brussels and Italian “elites”, they have long been natural opponents in politics.

Wolfango Piccoli, the co-president of Teneo Intelligence in London, said: “They are both led by young and ambitious leaders who share prime-ministerial ambitions. Due to mutual distrust, it has taken both parties over 70 days to reach a deal and choose an unknown third figure as prime minister.”

Their shared agenda includes plans to cut taxes, scrap a previously agreed pension plan and institute a “universal basic income”.

While many officials in Brussels sought to ease tensions with Rome this week, and backed Mattarella after the president took a political risk by defending Italy’s role in the EU, Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European commission, issued a tough critique of Italy on Thursday. He said Italians needed to work harder, be less corrupt and stop looking to the EU to rescue the country’s poor regions.

“Italians have to take care of the poor regions of Italy. That means more work, less corruption, seriousness,” Juncker said. “We will help them as we always did. But don’t play this game of loading with responsibility the EU. A country is a country, a nation is a nation. Countries first, Europe second.”

Additional reporting by Daniel Boffey in Brussels

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